link to Example1

This gallery is called example2 [ID:711] in the Robo Gallery menu – it is using the ‘Thumbnail’ setting in Gallery Size Options > Thumbnail Options.

I have an issue where I want to use square pictures in the Thumbnail view – in some cases this means that it needs to use the cropped version. However, in order to get the cropped square version, I have to use the ‘Thumbnail’ setting in the Gallery Size Option/Thumbs Options tab. This is what you see here. It uses the resized 150px by 150px version of the file which is too low resolution for the purposes. If I use the medium/large or full setting I end up with a fullframe version of the image with a yellow background (as in: https://dee-evans-artist.com/example2/) This is not what I want to achieve. Is there a way of forcing the code to use the automatically generated ‘-320x320_c’ version of the file?

In the actual site I have created larger res versions of the 150×150 files (they are actually 300×300) and uploaded them using the same name. It us not a very satisfactory solution as it means that my client cannot upload the images herself and it takes a long time for me to do as I have ensure that the formatting is the same as the existing filenames (i.e. no spaces or symbols and precisely the same extension.